Ella Rae Smith.jpg

"Jade is wonderful in the room. She eliminated any nervousness about playing such an intense connection with a stranger." 

- Ella-Rae Smith

Actress (Clique, Commuter)


“Jade provides an experienced perspective between takes to maximise your performance - by far my favourite studio”

- Merveille Lukeba 

Actor (Skins, A United Kingdom)


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else, Jade makes me feel comfortable and confident. I feel great every time I work with her ”

-Dougie Poynter 



What Sophie Holland CSA, of Sophie Holland Casting has to say...

..."If I was an actor I’d chose Jade every time. Having worked in casting she knows the technical and aesthetic expectations of a Self-Tape, which allows me (the Casting Director) to only focus on the performance. There are plenty of companies that will just point and hit record with no concern of whether or not that actor is giving their best performance, whereas I know Jade will nurture an actor into giving it their all!"


What Michelle Kirby, Founder of Daisy & Dukes, has to say about The Self-Tape & Audition Workshop...

..."It has been great working with Jade. She has been super organised in preparing my clients for their self tape sessions. She relaxed them in the room and worked with them until they got it! Jade has a very real approach to her teaching methods, the end results have been fab and my clients have walked away knowing the technical know how and knowledge in delivering that next tape request!"


What a Mother has as to say about her Daughter & the Self-Tape & Audition Workshop...

..."Thank you for the workshop. It's really helpful. Mostly I wanted to say thanks for your help when my Daughter forgot her lines. She'd had them all done before and I think she got a bit overwhelmed! What I really appreciated was you "humanising" the experience - finding the good in what she was able to achieve, making her feel valued and for bringing a real growth mindset to the situation."